A Hundred Gourds 4:1 December 2014

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on the seesaw
each time I go higher ...
moon, moon

space Mohsen Farsani - Iran
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the wind gets behind
       a rosella’s bough

space Jan Dobb - Australia
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    passenger pigeon
when will we get
the message

space Lauren Mayhew - USA
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to a rose blossom open
faintly white

space Victor Ortiz - USA
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  blind date –
a red rose
in the wastebasket

space Lavana Kray - Romania
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    graduation day
dogwoods disappear
into the forest

space Joe McKeon - USA
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cloudless sky
a mind filled
with possibilities

space Carol Reynolds - Australia
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  as good friends drift apart seamless sky

space Michael Henry Lee - USA
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    solitary kite –
the breeze moves

space Pravat Kumar Padhy - India
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missile silos
the snapdragon
opens its jaws

space Carolyn Hall - USA
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  a stalled tank
on foreign soil
the same moon

space John J. Han – USA
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    cactus flower
a little Atacama
in the courtyard

space Simon Hanson - Australia
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the bluebird drops
his cricket

space Chris Gusek - USA
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  summer rain
jumping in puddles
of jacaranda blossom

space Tash Adams - Australia
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    rain at last –
     the kids splash water
     on their shadows

space Kumarendra Mallick - India
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