A Hundred Gourds 4:1 December 2014

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page 8  

Catherine McGrath & Gerry Jacobson - Australia

Long Shadows

The wooden bench, a bit high, on the right as you walked in to the workshop – bits of wood and metal and wire, a hammer, spanners, the spirit level and the vice, so much to pick up, fiddle with, ask about, whilst talking to Dad. And the shelves on the left – old tins of nails and washers and screws, big old paint tins of bolts and springs, sorted and kept.

carcasses of ancient utes rust in the rain

I’ve let it all go now. The workshop is full of cobwebs. I did try for quite a while. Used to fix the kid’s bikes, my bike. Used to do house maintenance jobs. Yet it never came naturally. It wasn’t in my childhood culture. Study and religion were important but I never saw my Dad fix anything around the house. He was flat out earning a living, poor bastard, and when he died he left us destitute.

this winter afternoon
long shadows

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