A Hundred Gourds 4:1 December 2014

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Marilyn Humbert – Australia

Lake Love

Grey mist rolls in from the north, smothering budding mounds new shoots on the green hills either side of the lake.
Withered limbs of drowned trees fork above the ripples, sentinels standing to attention in the narrows near a small isle.
The wind’s lament is a hollow song.

the call
of a solitary lorikeet
bitter spring

Pelicans grunt, my shadow disturbs their rest as I pass. Hunched down on weathered rocks jutting from the cold water, elongated heads curled to their bodies. Tall straight gums, still in their teen years are yet to develop the knots and scars of age. An owl hoots in the faded light of star-fall.

black ducks glide
across wind ripples—
the cycle of seasons

Is it here I will fulfil my quest, beneath the silent stars surrounded by bush? The wind rustles leaves singing the songs of old.

with bushfire char—

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