A Hundred Gourds 3:3 June 2014

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page 11    

Loose kite
in the sky
through binoculars
a hawk grips
a dangling snake

space Bruce England - USA
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  in noonday sun
a buttermilk racer
hugging the house –
as I inch closer
my fear slinks away

space Janet Lynn Davis - USA
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    farm to farm
legacies from fathers
who can't stay away from the fields
how else to know
when the lark sings

space Mary Frederick Ahearn - USA
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a lark flies high
just for the love of it
I stretch out
in soft meadow grass,
soak myself in violets

space Kirsty Karkow - USA
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  how has it come to this
when doing so little
is still too much
and I must sleep
in the afternoon

space André Surridge - New Zealand
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