A Hundred Gourds 3:3 June 2014

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page 8    

top button undone
the next
a TV presenter
with news in her cleavage

space Keitha Keyes - Australia
spacer brush

  I collect
the morning paper
with today’s chilling news
the frosted letterbox
sparkles in the dawn light

space Elaine Riddell - New Zealand
spacer brush

    a problem ...
boat people arriving
on our shores
how do we soften
the hearts of a nation

space Simon Hanson - Australia
spacer brush

church bells
tumble in the distance
I turn over –
how many years
since I took communion

space André Surridge - New Zealand
spacer brush

  the child
who never speaks
telling stories
we learn to listen
with our hands

space Debbie Strange - Canada
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