A Hundred Gourds 3:3 June 2014

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strawberry moon
through a haze of cloud
my teenage self
ought to have been nicer
to the boys I dated

space Maxianne Berger - Canada
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  by the light
of this half blood moon
your face, in profile ...
we say middle-aged
but how can we know?

space Claire Everett - UK
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    painted dragons
on a paper lantern
a play of shadows
from the land of faraway
another story for my son

space Simon Hanson - Australia
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riding atop
a grocery cart
through the parking lot
my husband’s inner child
flies into the night

space Susan Burch - USA
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  first time
without stabilisers
if only all
letting go
could be so joyous

space David Serjeant - UK
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    beach yoga
as a wave stretches
onto the sand …
try as I might
I cannot find balance

space Gavin Austin - Australia
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