A Hundred Gourds 3:3 June 2014

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were I to pass
the distant treeline
would I see again
the glitter of Ise Bay,
a cormorant wheeling?

space Stewart C Baker - USA
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  gentle rain
as my footprints
fade …
knowing there is
no turning back

space Gavin Austin - Australia
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    He leans
from the pyramid's peak
for the one white star
just beyond his fingers

space J. Zimmerman - USA
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camera out of film
so I just keep on staring;
years later in my mind's eye
the Great Pyramid
clearer than any photo

space Peggy Heinrich - USA
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  backpacking in Greece –
fifteen Egyptian sailors
fill the hotel hallway
we sleep on the balcony
lulled by street noise and stars

space Beverley George - Australia
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    in a foreign land
longing for family
I open a hand-carved chest
the sharp scent of cedar
wafts me home

space Elizabeth Howard - USA
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