A Hundred Gourds 3:3 June 2014

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Lantana in Bloom

butterflies going away
and coming back-
lantana in bloom

tissue paper folded
into origami shapes

after the festival
my shadow with hat
on the moonlit road

what will we take
when we colonize Mars?

The Scent of Windfalls

the scent of windfalls-
thistledown poised
to drift

some goldfinches
moonlit in the garden

a topiary maze
adds adventure
to the life of a king

a bowling ball glides
to the last pin

A Child Still

a child still
under the green willow-
sharing secrets

an airborne crow,
the expression of a thief

moonlight gleams
on narrow gauge rails
and the Brocken train

looking at the compass
I don't change direction

Amber Road

autumn chill-
the lantern in the garden
so lonely

a sliver of moon
in an endless sky

butts on the pavement
enough to prepare
a cigarette

counting trading posts
on the amber road

composed at The Renku Group, December, 2013

Tomislav Maretic, Croatia
Elizabeth McFarland, Germany

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