A Hundred Gourds 3:3 June 2014

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page 15   

shadowing our world
solar eclipse

space Seánan Forbes - UK
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  a moment ago
it wasn't there ...
my fear of the dark

space Michael Rehling - USA
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    neon streets –
the static buzz of
a hunger moon

space Paresh Tiwari - India
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a raven stands
on a frozen pond
how the story ends

space Pat Tompkins - USA
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  winter the colour of a cow’s tongue

space Sandra Simpson - New Zealand
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    long distance call
mom keeps returning
to the falling snow

space Robert Epstein - USA
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thin ice still polite in children’s company

space Thomas Chockley - USA
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  winter into spring the ink starts to flow again

space Carolyn Hall - USA
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    scent of cedar
the frosted breath
of nuzzling horses

space Bill Cooper - USA
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yesterday's song …
a wayside breeze stirs
the breast feathers

space Claire Everett - UK
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  finding rest
in its reflection …
lone feather

space Veronika Zora Novak - Canada
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    flowing river
the last remains
are let go

space Surbhi Noida - India
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tea and cakes
after the funeral
lapsed friends smile

space Earl Livings - Australia
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  end of the game –
setting into the same box
both king and pawn

space Julie Cain - USA
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    wooded shore
to wooded shore
the hooded crow's kraa

space Thomas Powell - N. Ireland
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