A Hundred Gourds 3:3 June 2014

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page 5   

morning mist –
little voices walking
to the school

space Kumarendra Mallick - India
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  twelve dying tulips my baby boy’s eyes

space Adrian Bouter - Netherlands
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    twins arrive –
grandpa plays a prelude
with their toes

space Angelee Deodhar - India
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jammed elevator
the kids start pushing
my buttons

space John McManus - UK
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  at the children's museum childless

space Andrew Shattuck McBride - USA
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    a new language –
the child making
soap bubbles

space Diana Teneva - Bulgaria
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soap bubbles –
all the dreams
I blew away

space Vinay Leo R. - India
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  box flowers blooming ...
the mailman's
bare legs

space Brandon Bordelon - USA
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    Kabul moon …
a glimpse of pale ankle beneath
the chador

space Asni Amin - Singapore
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before the vows
her hips against
my doubt

space Matthew Caretti - USA
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from a can
our tin anniversary

space Peter Newton - USA
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    the other woman …
wisteria and jasmine
entwine the same tree

space Ferris Gilli - USA
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prune fingers
from washing dishes
the evening's first bat

space Brandon Bordelon - USA
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  70th birthday—
a cicada shell stuck
on my door jamb

space Nathalie Buckland - Australia
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    piano riffs –
a hint of summer
in my wine

space Paresh Tiwari - India
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