A Hundred Gourds 3:3 June 2014

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alone at home the sound of time

space Dietmar Tauchner - Austria
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space Jonathan McKeown - Australia
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    taproots –
the flimsy paper
of her diary

space Helga Stania - Switzerland
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dawn moon   a reel spinning

space Elizabeth Howard - USA
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  on the way    to a poem    creaky bridge

space Sanjuktaa Asopa - India
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    forest boardwalk
the undulating whine
of the wind

space Quendryth Young - Australia
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Avant-garde art –
I paint the front door
blue on blue

space Freddy Ben-Arroyo - Israel
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  Sea-spray paints a rock I forget the Big Picture

space Steven Carter - USA
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    faded Picasso
the coumadin clinic
full of blue

space J. Zimmerman - USA
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black stone monument
I touch the names of comrades
I never knew

space Mel Goldberg - Mexico
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  hairline cracks
the foundation stone's
landmark birthday

space David Serjeant - UK
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    one brick
space for a prayer

space Liz Nakazawa - USA
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overlapping our voices one with the mantra

space Peter Newton - USA
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  an ancient chant …
the mountain slips
into the sunset

space Asni Amin - Singapore
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    fairy lights
my son shares
his beliefs

space John McManus - UK
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