A Hundred Gourds 3:2 March 2014

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page 13    

while the teenager
practices the guitar
his two pet rats
stare down from each shoulder
at the music in his fingers

space PeggyHeinrich - USA
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  that ditty –
things go better with Coke –
stuck in my mind
easier to handle
than thoughts of you

space Jan Foster - Australia
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    reading your poems
I wander
        through minefields
                                 in sunshine

space Marilyn Morgan - USA
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all the ways I numbed myself
casting minute
after minute into the wind …
taking off the mask

space Sergio Ortiz - Puerto Rico
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  a foot away
from a bald eagle –
in my photo
the image segmented
by a grid of steel

space Janet Lynn Davis - USA
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    all the volcanoes
erupt everywhere at once
in my heart
the sadness of knowing
I’ll leave this world no better

space Bob Lucky - Ethiopia
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