A Hundred Gourds 3:2 March 2014

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page 8    

before I've had time
to voice my hurts
you've apologised …
another gift from the cat:
a goldfinch, still warm

space Claire Everett - UK
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  an old suitcase
full of memories ...
his ration book
and the wedding dress
she never got to wear

space Tracy Davidson - UK
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    a squirrel lands
on the pine branch
needles scatter –
how tenuous the links
in a long life

space Sondra J. Byrnes - USA
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who knows
where any of us will be
a year from now ...
the road narrows until it melts
into the horizon

space André Surridge - New Zealand
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  a vinyl record
my dead friend left
the story of an imperfect life
still plays
in the scratches

space LeRoy Gorman - Canada
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