A Hundred Gourds 3:2 March 2014

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page 3    

bowing branches
where wildlife feasted ...
shameful of me
to long for the berries
that briefly adorned them

space Janet Lynn Davis - USA
spacer brush

  the windows become smaller
        days are long
                and morning comes too soon
already the mountain laurel
            are about to bloom

space Peter Fiore - USA
spacer brush

    how hard it is
to understand the landscape
seen from a train –
the backyards of houses
children waving as we vanish

space Pat Prime - New Zealand
spacer brush

daring to buy
a one-way ticket
to join him ...
her wallet empty
her heart open

space Keitha Keyes - Australia
spacer brush

  his daughter
travels with a pillow
he knows
where her head is
not where she sleeps

space Maxianne Berger - Canada
spacer brush


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