A Hundred Gourds 3:2 March 2014

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page 2    

holding rocking
inhaling each other
every time
close as first breaths
in a new world

space Anita Virgil - USA
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  ten years ago
I planted a poppy
orange and compliant …
scary with its boasting
it now clumps down the street

space Lyn Chatham - Australia
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    poppy petals
in a storm-ravaged field …
how they still keep
the deep crimson
in a final hold of light

space Sonam Chhoki - Bhutan
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against the light
your song rises to catch
mine in flight
behind us a faded moon
steals a shooting star

space Alegria Imperial - Canada
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crisp red ones,
diced just so –
my tears
for perfection

space Marian Olson - USA
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