A Hundred Gourds 3:2 March 2014

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page 9  

Simon Hanson - Australia

Spinning Top

Down in the shed, hidden away all these years, an old tin spinning top, given to me as a boy. It has a plunger in the centre and a small friction wheel inside that throws out sparks like a Catherine wheel as it turns. So I give it a push and round and round it spins like the flying saucer I imagined as a boy. The painted red and yellow streaks become an orange swirl and the sparks, a galaxy twirling in the depths of space, drawing me into a time warp with so many memories flashing back . . . Then with a fatal wobble and veer, the sparks subside, orange separates into yellow and red and the spiral is gone.

darkening sky
on a darker sea
touches of silver

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