A Hundred Gourds 3:2 March 2014

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Mac Greene - USA


“CJ thought he was home free. But me and Nicole, we know the world’s vicious. That’s why I’m glad he beat that boy. I don’t condone what he did, but it was gonna happen. What Todd said was inexcusable. At the high school football game. CJ had no choice.

“It doesn’t help having two moms. And we don’t exactly blend in. I’m not the biological, but he talks more to me. We got Dr. Schultenberger to start the Lupron, so he never had a period, or got those hips. We went to Court last summer, got the birth certificate changed, the name and the gender marker. We switched schools and the new school is 100% with us.

“CJ confided in his girlfriend, JoyceLynn. She told her best friend. Breanna ‘only told the people I could trust.’ Yeah, right. Those two girls taunting him with his girl name: ‘Angel, Angel, ya yahh!’ Todd saying he didn’t have a penis. And then getting arrested on Monday morning in front of the whole school and everybody knew why.

“We have him on suicide watch. And it’s not even high school yet.”

growing pains
and childhood fears
how many caterpillars
till transformation?

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