A Hundred Gourds 3:1 December 2013
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page 12    

when i was a child
grandma sang to me
in gaelic …
today i cling to words
i never understood

space h. gene murtha - USA
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  when I reach her room
to collect the laundry
the radio's on
as if some kind soul knew
how lonely it would be

space Thelma Mariano - Canada
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    ... and then
in the spare room
of the dog lover's house
a child's pram
full of dog biscuits

space Owen Bullock - New Zealand
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out of the long grass
the cat pounces
at nothing …
I will seize the day

space Jonathan McKeown - Australia
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before the window
I try her bra --
to be or not to be
that is the question

space Chen-ou Liu - Canada
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    I too believed
in the way to a man's heart
my ex phones
wants an easy recipe
to impress his new boyfriend

space Maxianne Berger - Canada
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