A Hundred Gourds 3:1 December 2013
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page 11    

strolling through
the holiday market
each year
the array of delights
delighting us less

space Janet Lynn Davis - USA
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  you fade
into darkness
elusive as a dream
moonlit shadows on the blind
now sharing my nights

space Gavin Austin - Australia
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    so many egrets
in a field with the cattle …
summer’s scenery
preparing for the change
long before I’m ready

space Margaret Dornaus - USA
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I leave them
wrapped in overcoats
and half smiles
... flying home
to my empty summer

space Keitha Keyes - Australia
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  another summer
spent choking on my dreams ...
shadows lengthen
against a row of pines
at the cliff’s edge

space Stewart C Baker - USA
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    again she asks
will I see you again
and again
we sit and wait
for night to come

space Beverly Acuff Momoi - USA
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