A Hundred Gourds 3:1 December 2013
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Le Groupe Haïku de Montréal

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Le Groupe Haïku de Montréal (GHM) was founded in May, 2005 under the direction of Micheline Beaudry, a highly respected and award winning French Canadian haiku poet. Jeannine Joyal took over the leadership of the group in 2007 until 2010, when Micheline Beaudry resumed her original role. In 2012, a young and dynamic haiku poet, Geneviève Fillion assumed the directorship of the GHM.

The group’s objectives and values are based on respect and humility. Everyone has a something to contribute whether novice or experienced in the writing of Japanese form poetry.

— Mike Montreuil, haibun editor


City of Montreal as seen from Mont-Royal. In the distance the St. Lawrence River.

(photo courtesy R.B)