A Hundred Gourds 3:1 December 2013
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page 13   

the chainsaw catches
                    the wind
from the north

spacePeter Newton - USA
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  horsetails on the wind almost violins

space Chad Lee Robinson - USA
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    autumn wind
flicking through the photo-journal
                                          leaf by leaf

space Joseph Llewellyn - UK
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blue and white sky
blue and white sea
wind herding mares’ tails

space Pat Tompkins - USA
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the shadows fight
among themselves

spaceJune Rose Dowis - USA
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    in a glass
the restless darkness –
fall twilight

space Alegria Imperial - Canada
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a wrinkly hand
wiping off the Macbeth

space Boris Gregoric - Croatia
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  Halloween –
the mask over the mask
slips off

spaceRuth Holzer - USA
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    past the honor roll
of global terror
my old walk to school

space Peter Newton - USA
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rainbow lorikeets
calling through the fog ...
the smell of toast

spaceLeanne Mumford -Australia
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  piercing the fog the minotaur's horns

spaceJohn McManus - UK
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      and more words
           echoes in the fog

spaceAngela Terry - USA
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the city
where it was
before the fog

space Rob Scott - Sweden
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in doorways
autumn leaves curl

spaceMaire Morrissey-Cummins - Ireland
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    autumn fields
loneliness roaming
between us

space Ernest Wit - Poland
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