A Hundred Gourds 3:1 December 2013
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Kakadu sunset
a pair of brolgas
leap and bow

spaceGavin Austin - Australia
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  cirque du soleil
a squirrel's leap
points the way

space Louisa Howerow - Canada
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in the scatter of wheat
a lone galah

spaceKeitha Keyes - Australia
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before the storm         filling up
with bird chatter

space CaroleAnn Lovin - USA
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  silent night –
the wings of a moth
carving storms

space Paresh Tiwari - India
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the moth beats shadows
into the ceiling

space Pris Campbell - USA
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thunder –
i accept
every blow

spaceSondra J. Byrnes - USA
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  tattooed shoulder
lichen on the
Norfolk pine

space Gavin Austin - Australia
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    with still wings
sea eagle smooths
the sky

spaceDuncan Richardson - Australia
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family reunion
a jar over
the yellow jacket’s nest

spaceStanley Siceloff - USA
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  millipede sting
mingling with incense
my muted curse

space Matthew Caretti - USA
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    attuning myself
to your tone –
scent of the acer tree

space Helga Stania – Switzerland
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late summer breezes –
long silences cast
between us

spaceTheresa A. Cancro - USA
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  cool evening
crested pigeons on the power line
face the breeze

spacePetrus Heyligers - Australia
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    a three-legged dog
headlong into cricket song …
summer's end

spaceClaire Everett - UK
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