A Hundred Gourds 3:1 December 2013
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summer rain I know the rest by heart

space Johannes S. H. Bjerg - Denmark
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  rainy day chandelier of yucca blooms

space Dawn Apanius - USA
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    crystal waterfall
we climb
through smoke and rainbows

spaceRebecca Drouilhet - USA
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waterfall ...
a distant echo
of her anklets

spaceArvinder Kaur - India
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  forest lake
my heartbeat faster
than her breaststroke

space Ernest Wit - Poland
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we hide behind
our words

space Bill Kenney - USA
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beneath sweet woodruff
telos of a rippling
thousand legger

space Patrick Sweeney - Japan
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a sound

spaceJeff Hoagland- USA
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    getting a word
in edgewise

spaceJeff Hoagland - USA
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daisy chain
the broken links
between us

space Tracy Davidson - UK
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  day lilies
folded for the night
the two year old

spaceAdelaide B. Shaw - USA
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    the catbird
flashes his red rump –
summer dawn

spaceRuth Holzer - USA
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heat wave
the old man shakes his cane
at no one

space Bob Lucky - Ethiopia
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  August heat
five people in the shade
of a traffic pole

spaceBruce England - USA
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    the wind is lifting
glass dust into

spaceTatjana Debeljački - Serbia
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