A Hundred Gourds 3:1 December 2013
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page 6   

how quickly
it passes!

space Arjun von Caemmerer - Australia
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  damp breeze
a serviceberry bush
mops the siding

spaceCraig W. Steele - USA
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    moving day
a white butterfly
lightens the load

space Marie Louise Munro - USA
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recycling day eve –
     the return
        of mouse circus

space Helen Buckingham - UK
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  birds gather –
the gravedigger
slowly disappearing

spaceJohn Mcdonald - Scotland
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    after the funeral
the peace lily

spaceJulie Warther - USA
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Memorial Day
I paint each fingernail
a different color

spaceCarolyn Hall - USA
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  black locust scent
the photograph
i don't remember taking

spacePolona Oblak - Slovenia
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    scenic photo
only the children

spaceQuendryth Young - Australia
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marijuana dawn –
the universe screeching
on a blackboard

space Paresh Tiwari - India
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  final exams
a patch of larkspur
no one notices

spaceRichard St. Clair - USA
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  the climbing vine
    runs out of fence

spaceAlexander B. Joy - USA
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midlife wedding
cascades of mountain rose
upstage the bride

space Margaret Dornaus - USA
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  champagne reception
tall tales bubble
to the surface

spaceBrian Robertson - Canada
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    my wife’s headache …
the blind dog still howls
at the moon

space Bob Lucky - Ethiopia
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