A Hundred Gourds 3:1 December 2013
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new day
a screech owl answers
the tea kettle

space Jeff Hoagland - USA
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  morning rush –
waiting for the honey
to run

space Jonathan McKeown - Australia
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    steady rain –
the old guy in the office
goes on about foolscap

space Sandra Simpson - New Zealand
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a winter sky
from midday on
papier mâché

space Jeffrey Woodward - USA
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  kissing eucalyptus cold season

space Ann K. Schwader - USA
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    coughing up

space Heike Gewi - Yemen
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winter chill ...
the summer down under
the covers

spaceLolly Williams - USA
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  English garden
the cockatoos pluck acorns
upside down

spaceJan Dobb - Australia
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in Baltic amber –
its frozen flight

space Anatoly Kudryavitsky - Ireland
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in winter chill
shivering in its cocoon –
the long dream of flight

spaceRobert Henry Poulin - USA
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  fast train north
a mob of tree trunks
dashes south

space Jan Dobb - Australia
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    flight path
in and out
of a dream

spaceBill Kenney - USA
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empty stove
a postcard through the slot
warms my room

space Brian Robertson - Canada
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  long boats
more firewood
toward sunrise

spaceAnatoly Kudryavitsky - Ireland
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    empty cocoon
what i think about
when it's dark

spaceKirsten Cliff - New Zealand
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