A Hundred Gourds 3:1 December 2013
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In Memoriam

Weighing the Future

As a former newspaper reporter and civic leader, Lary continued to be interested in the affairs of her community, country, and the world at large. She was concerned about how governments, environmental changes, and the effects of war would impact the lives of her grandchildren.

election promises –
I turn my tray of seedlings
toward the sun

earthquake coverage ...
I give my grandchildren
an extra hug

first violets –
somewhere a river
keeps rising

apple harvest –
weighing the future
of honeybees

election day
another earthworm
wriggles in the mud

this cold night …
a child’s hunger embedded
in pixels



In delightful contrast to the preceding poems are ones which reveal Lary’s sense of humour. Through her use of puns and understatements, we are able to share and appreciate the more lighthearted moments of her life.

spring equinox –
the toilet paper roll

planting the beans …
this year it takes longer
to unbend myself

mother-in-law …
he adjusts the sprinkler
for the fourth time

new fishing rod –
borrowing an old line
he phones in sick

midday mosquito –
my elbow the only place
I didn't spray

late summer
today's spider
gets the boot

bristled pine –
the autumn moon
has a moustache!

how did Santa know?
a roll of duct tape
in my stocking