A Hundred Gourds 3:1 December 2013
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In Memoriam

Morning Shadows

On my first visit with Lary in 2006, we spent our time walking around McGuire Lake, a short distance from Lary’s home in Salmon Arm. With a fountain in the middle, weeping willows along the shore, and often birds, butterflies, or even turtles to admire, it’s an ideal spot for inspiration. Lary’s website, a procession of ripples , of which she was so rightfully proud, is a collection of haiku written by others. The title of the anthology takes its name from a haiku she found at the lake.

ten ducklings …
a procession
of ripples
spacer brush
  tug of her hand –
a heron one breath away
from the sky
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the town red –
staghorn sumac
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Lary once worked in a nursery and was an avid gardener. Not only did she tend the gardens around the apartment where she lived, but also shovelled snow from the walkways in winter. Her haiku are a record of these seasonal experiences.

early snowfall –
I shake a spider
from my boot

deep chill –
I open the door
to a robin’s song

snowdrops –
the simplicity
of white

spadeful of earth –
my granddaughter asks
if a worm cries

the wiggle
of a bee’s behind –
cherry blossom

first night out
on their own …
my seedlings

Lary never liked the extreme heat of summer, but that didn’t stop her from enjoying nature and recording observations of what she saw, heard, and felt.

healthy eating –
an earwig crawls
from my lettuce bowl
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  summer solstice
an ant circles
my lemonade
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    the heat wave
spills into autumn –
scarlet runners
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even the wind
changes color
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  morning shadows
again I transplant
the bleeding heart
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    between the sky
and the spin of the earth
this falling leaf
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