A Hundred Gourds 2:4 September 2013
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page 9    

this longing
to leave behind
good poems
          do birds carry
their burden on wings?

space Kala Ramesh - India
spacer brush

  just a sliver of moon
an incomplete poem
without a closing line
I wonder what roads you drive
looking for your way back home

space Leslie Rose - USA
spacer brush

    hand-scrawled notes
on her recipe cards
mother’s words
all I need to create
her memory from scratch

space Margaret Dornaus - USA
spacer brush

another sputter
of ink across my page...
this is not
the first nib I've broken
on a lump of loneliness

space Julie B.Cain - USA
spacer brush

old papers –
the one
sheet I keep
remains blank

space Rodney Williams - Australia
spacer brush


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