A Hundred Gourds 2:4 September 2013
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Haiku in Earth Language

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used bookstore
I shoplift a line
from the poetry section

   Marianna Monaco - U.S.A.


I like the expression of shoplift here. I also sometimes feel like that myself. The Earth Language (henceforth, on these pages, EarthLan) symbol for poem is a combination of heart/thought and (musical) strings, because it is a thing that could vibrate a harp in one's heart. When the author sees a particular line from a poem in an old book, her heart resonates with it. The elemental bases of strings are line and space, so in the pictograph, the line can visually work well for this scene.

In EarthLan,there is no verb base by itself. Instead, two kinds of verb marks systematically make all kinds of verbs, joining symbols/phrases to show some situation/action. Because of this system, you can easily recognize which part is the verb/predicate of a sentence and how it works in the sentence. You’ll find the base overlay verb marks here.