A Hundred Gourds 2:3 June 2013
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page 11   

I communicate with
different vowels

space Pravat Kumar Padhy - India
spacer brush

  sunbirds peck
the tumbling river notes …
evening raga

space Kala Ramesh - India
spacer brush

    blue wren
a speck of summer sky
lands at my feet

space Jan Dobb - Australia
spacer brush

the ocean
spills its secrets –
two sandpipers

space Deborah P Kolodji - U.S.A.
spacer brush

  a woodpecker
circles the tree

space T.D. Ingram - U.S.A.
spacer brush

    cockle picking –
her bag billows
gathering the breeze

space Máire Morrissey-Cummins - Ireland
spacer brush

this island life mostly rock

space Robert Epstein - USA
spacer brush

  tidepool anemones
now all closed …
a child's wet fingers

space Michael Dylan Welch - U.S.A. spacer brush

    nowhere I have to be …
driftwood floats
on the tide

space Cara Holman - U.S.A.
spacer brush

cricket on the radio
another year draws
to a close

space Leanne Mumford - Australia
spacer brush

  beach cricket
another thunderous roar
from the ocean

space Jan Dobb - Australia
spacer brush

    yachts mirrored
across this stretch of water
echoed voices

space Rodney Williams - Australia
spacer brush

discarded fishing line
on the sea wall
my belly knots

spaceGrace Mckenna - Australia
spacer brush

  receding waters
a shore crab scuttles
over rusted metal

spaceG.R. LeBlanc - Canada
spacer brush

    lake foam
careful seagulls
step over it

space Michael Rehling - U.S.A.
spacer brush

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