A Hundred Gourds 2:2 March 2013
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page 14    

tall coconut palms
reaching out to the sky
I measure
            my breath
with a cicada's song

spaceKala Ramesh - India
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  I pause to digest
your presence
we’ve known each other
too well in the dark
to stop talking

spaceSergio Ortiz - Puerto Rico
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    the way he didn't
even look at me
when I told him…
midsummer & still unripe
this tangle of wild blackberries

spaceKirsten Cliff - New Zealand
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I've learned it's best
not to voice my feelings…
evening cool
alone on the porch
untangling the wind chimes

spaceClaire Everett - UK
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on a butterfly’s
torn wing
my trust
in the universe

spaceJenny Ward Angyal - USA
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