A Hundred Gourds 2:2 March 2013
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page 10    

As dad lay dying
we played big band music
from the forties
a sentimental journey
to set his heart at ease

spaceBruce England - USA
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  quiet carriage
only old-fashioned sounds
the turning of book pages
the rustling of newspapers

spaceAmelia Fielden - Australia
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    I start again
my search for freedom…
with each slow step
the cow's udder sways

spaceKirsten Cliff - New Zealand
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they say
the wildest women are quick
to age
but who wants to live
in a world of Sense and Sensibility

spaceBeverly Acuff Momoi - USA
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  I saw a woman
in the window
of a passing train
so easy
to fall in love

spaceBob Brill - USA
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