A Hundred Gourds 2:2 March 2013
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page 7    

hazy horizon
where sea and sky merge
how can you tell
if memories are real
or imagined

spaceAndré Surridge - New Zealand
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  autumn hailstorm
lashes the windows
at the nursing home –
my mother’s hand in mine
like a leaf about to fall

spaceMary Franklin - Canada
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    slats of sunlight
shine through the fence
in late afternoon –
sideways glances
between neighbours

spaceKeitha Keyes - Australia
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easy come, easy go
the snowman's wage
saved in snowbanks
for rainy days

spaceLuminita Suse - Canada
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  year of records:
the heat, the cold, the drought,
the fires…
and in those small hours
the patience within me

spaceJanet Lynn Davis - USA
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