A Hundred Gourds 2:2 March 2013
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page 4    

the full moon
comes singing
wooed from a dream
and prancing
in the river

spaceayaz daryl nielsen - USA
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  home again
and all’s well…
above the river
a fish slips
from the osprey’s claws

spaceLesley Anne Swanson - USA
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    Our relationship
dips beyond
its sell-by date
storm water surging
over the barrier islands

spaceJ. Zimmerman - USA
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prayers for victims
of the tsunami
wave after wave
of milkweed seeds
whiten the sky

spaceLeRoy Gorman - Canada
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  her face blurs
into a dozen others...
I tighten my grip
around all that remains
of what was

spaceS.M. Abeles - USA
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