A Hundred Gourds 2:2 March 2013
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in the east, Orion,
ghost of the summer dawn…
my father
visits me in dreams
but never speaks

spaceClaire Everett - UK
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beckons from the west
no need to leave
a candle burning

spaceDavid Terelinck - Australia
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    stubbled hills
bristle against the face
of a winter moon…
again this nameless itch
stirs deep within me

spaceLauren Mayhew - USA
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Milky Way swirling
in martini glasses
with each sip
we swallow
star after star

spacePamela A. Babusci - USA
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  no distance at all
from the wing-shadowed shore
to the ocean…
another dream hatches
beneath the turtle moon

spaceClaire Everett - UK
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