A Hundred Gourds 2:2 March 2013
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page 4  


Diamond Jubilee
yesterday's bunting
sags and drips

could I be something
you'd say softly

a field of lambs
gambols free from
the telling of days

hidden in a box
the recipe for sunlight

Sheila Windsor 1,3 & Johannes S. H. Bjerg 2,4

Cracked Cup

cracked cup
in my second hand Bible
Genesis is missing

tiny skull, caked with earth
who were you

two butterflies
enter leave enter leave
through the window

Father still tapping
gone five years or more

Johannes S. H. Bjerg 1,3 & Sheila Windsor 2,4

Last Roses

a dragonfly
carries their colours away
the last roses

we have a skin for thorns
and one that holds the shadows

first day in pinstripe...
a copy of Les Fleurs du Mal
in his breast pocket

in the hum of tinnitus
one name comes and goes

Sheila Windsor 1,3 & Johannes S. H. Bjerg 2,4


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