A Hundred Gourds 2:2 March 2013
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page 14   

the cardboard cathedral
takes shape

space Patricia Prime - New Zealand
spacer brush

  stretching my back
a pop
in the rafters

space Benjamin Moeller-Gaa - U.S.A.
spacer brush

    crumbling bark
on a fallen teak tree …
the ache in my back

space Nathalie Buckland - Australia
spacer brush

In the surgeon’s voice
the tapping
of his mallet

space Aalix Roake - New Zealand
spacer brush

  a mourning dove's call
we lie in bed
talking of colon cancer

space Chuck Lyons - U.S.A.
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    on thirty minute loan
at the med school library
therapy dog

space Bill Cooper - U.S.A.
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another shooting …
a shroud of fog lingers
over morning

space Margaret Dornaus - U.S.A.
spacer brush

  unfriending a cousin’s dead deer photos

space Carolyn Hall - U.S.A. spacer brush

    No Loitering:
gunshots echo
in his dreams

space Nu Quang - U.S.A.
spacer brush

revolving doors … another round of peace talks

space Sonam Chhoki - Bhutan
spacer brush

  forgotten war       his son still missing

space Elizabeth Howard - U.S.A.
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    the doorbell
her youngest's
first tour of duty

space Ayaz Daryl Nielsen - U.S.A.
spacer brush

the stars
misaligned –
burial flag

spaceTerri French - U.S.A.
spacer brush

  after the war
the soldier fights
with his shadow

spaceUrszula Wielanowska - Poland
spacer brush

    prayers for peace
the offering plate's velvet
worn thin

space Ferris Gilli - U.S.A.
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