A Hundred Gourds 2:2 March 2013
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leaves and rain
my umbrella flips
into a bowl

space Kala Ramesh - India
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  steady rain
your heartbeat drumming
in my ear

space Gavin Austin - Australia
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    rainy afternoon
the sound of the dominoes
hitting the table

space Gregory Hopkins - U.S.A.
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dust motes
above the king
Deep Blue's castling

spacePatrick Sweeney - Japan
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  Dad's memory …
an absence of birdsong
in the summer woods

spaceClaire Everett - U.K.
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in the air behind me
my name

spaceDiana Teneva - Bulgaria
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colonial facade
a squirrel's shadow
cuts across

spaceTzetzka Ilieva - U.S.A.
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  my maiden aunt
the upright piano
no one ever played

spaceBill Kenney - U.S.A.spacer brush

    wilted roses
the unexpected warmth
of her hand

spaceAnnette Makino - U.S.A.
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rush-hour traffic ...
once I watched stars
widen the sky

spaceFerris Gilli - U.S.A.
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  talking a blue streak runningtheredlight

spaceCarolyn Coit Dancy - U.S.A.
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       in place of the lollypop man
                      traffic lights

spaceCynthia Rowe - Australia
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morning bath …
my infant dressed
in olive oil

spaceRamesh Anand - India
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  end of summer
cabbage butterflies
eat their broccoli

spaceJoseph M. Kusmiss - U.S.A.
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    end of summer
the dog’s bully stick
chewed down to a nub

spaceCara Holman - U.S.A.
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