A Hundred Gourds 2:2 March 2013
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shortest day
again my nails
need clipping

space Polona Oblak - Slovenia
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  oasis moonrise four camels kneeling

spaceAdrian Bouter - Netherlands
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we three kings
his poker face

space Julie Warther - U.S.A.
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year’s end vacation …
every colleague throws
his plan at me

space Ramesh Anand - India
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  folding and cutting
white paper snowflakes
scent of narcissus

spacePat Tompkins - U.S.A.
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    Christmas –
one more lamp with
countless stars

spacePravat Kumar Padhy - India
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Christmas recess
Parliament’s gift
to the people

spaceLeRoy Gorman - Canada
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  the earworm i can't get rid of knotweed

spacePolona Oblak - Slovenia
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                 sodden solstice
we wait for each other
             to rediscover fire

spaceHelen Buckingham - U.K.
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the twitter of birds
someone online wants me
to follow her

spaceBob Lucky - Ethiopia
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  elected silence,
sing to me           birds
painted on vaults

spaceHelga Stania - Switzerland
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    second day of our vacation
the parrot
remembers my name

spaceJay Friedenberg - U.S.A.
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low jet rumble
I almost never hear
what I want to hear

spaceRobert Epstein - U.S.A.
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  flight delayed –
the father sings
a lul..l...a....b...

spaceJohn McDonald - Scotland
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the vacancies
of winter rain

spaceBill Kenney - U.S.A.
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