A Hundred Gourds 2:2 March 2013
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page 9  

Patricia Prime - NZ

During the Blitz

When dad left for the war in Germany, mum stayed at home awaiting the birth of a new baby. We older children were not evacuated to the Midlands until after the worst bombardment of London.

                                                      in a tin box
                                                      the soldier’s
                                                      sugar ration

Before that we took refuge from the blasts in an Anderson shelter: a large iron table surrounded by wire mesh that looked like a large cage. Inside were mattresses on which we slept. I think we barely flinched when a particularly heavy raid blew in the windows or shattered the crockery or a bomb landed on a nearby house. Shards of glass impaled themselves in doors and gardens, roof tiles fell in the street, plaster dropped from ceilings and sirens and searchlights rent the night sky.

                                                    the silence
                                                    of a doodlebug
                                                    before it explodes


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