A Hundred Gourds 2:2 March 2013
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Johnny Baranski - US

Moral Compass

I have lunch with my son Michael. We meet once a month to touch base, see how things are going. On the menu: Mexican food and our usual conversation about politics and cars. He is a libertarian; I fancy myself an anarcho-pacifist. These labels! How absurd. Yet somehow we feel comfortable in their skins. He wants to buy himself a Ford Lightning pickup truck; I want to get a set of black wheels for my Mustang. We fantasize about going to Daytona and Indy some day for the 500s and to Monte Carlo for the annual F1 Grand Prix.

And then our visit is over. He retires to his job and I to my favorite riverside park for a late afternoon of reading. The weather is perfect: 75 degrees, sunny, without a cloud in the sky. I settle in on a park bench with Father Daniel Berrigan’s “Steadfastness of The Saints,” his travel journal while on a peace witness in Central America during Reagan’s Contra War.

blood moon
the dogs of war
still on the loose


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