A Hundred Gourds 2:1 December 2012
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page 6    

Crows cross the road
one way then the other
it’s evening
and they are roosting
and I am almost home

spaceBruce England - USA
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  my father worries
when I wander away
from the porch lights,
but standing in the darkness
I find an ocean of stars

spaceConstance Campbell - USA
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    redbirds aflame
in snow-capped pines
why close my eyes
to dream of another
promised land

spaceLuminita Suse - Canada
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a hundred yards to climb
the fence –
morning glory vines
so sure of what they seek

spaceJenny Ward Angyal - USA
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a young oak these leafy
vines of ivy
not content with one life
she tries to take over his

spaceAndré Surridge - New Zealand
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