A Hundred Gourds 2:1 December 2012
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page 5    

i saw dad again
this morning
looking back at me
in the mirror
urging me on

spaceSimon Hanson - Australia
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  we miss you
he writes in an e-mail
for the first time
my mouse-hand freezes
            unable to click delete

spaceJanet Lynn Davis - USA
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    the well is deep
the water cold
and dark –
sometimes I sink
in the icy depths of loss

spaceJoy McCall - UK
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how to express
all I feel this morning
without you…
I walk in my garden
searching for butterflies

spaceMargaret Dornaus - USA
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  the straight line
my dog makes
running toward me…
the few things
I know for sure

spaceHannah Mahoney - USA
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