A Hundred Gourds 2:1 December 2012
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after the storm
silhouettes of cows grazing
in the last light
how clearly I can now see
the long shadow of her lies

spaceSonam Chhoki - Bhutan
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  overcast skies...
you surf the swells
of our argument
ignoring the wreckage
washed in on the tide

spaceLaura Jan Shore - Australia
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    lips, be still
my heart
is trying
to be heard
over your chatter

spacemiriam chaikin - USA
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ringing shrill in my ears –
at last
I concede it’s time
to listen to myself

spaceRodney Williams - Australia
spacer brush

from this world
my mind
still tucking in thoughts
as I slip into sleep

spaceKala Ramesh - India
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