A Hundred Gourds 2:1 December 2012
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Adelaide B. Shaw - USA


A Sunday morning. Mid-winter. It’s snowing and frigid cold outside. It’s certain we shall be stuck inside. My mother lets us sleep, my sister and me. With our bedroom just off the kitchen the cooking odors slip through the partially open door.

I sniff the air. Muffins. Hot, fresh, home baked muffins ready to be lathered in butter and grape jam. As many as I can eat. Two, three…maybe four.

The kitchen is warm with heat coming from the oven as well as the oil burning stove. On the table are a bowl of muffins, a tub of butter, a jar of grape jam and the Sunday paper. My mother places in front of me a small plate, a knife and a cup of latte café. The rest is up to me.

full stomach
scattered on the comics
buttered crumbs


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