A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012
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page 15    

is it dust
she tries to wipe away
with that small cloth?
how her feet shuffle
through a world we can't see

space Janet Lynn Davis - USA
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  a slight tremor
in her hands, her voice
how she loved to drive
how the car came out of nowhere

space Beverly Acuff Momoi - USA
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    country rest home –
Mom takes my hand
when I turn to leave
leaning against the fence
a swayback horse

space Francis Masat - USA
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now I must
toss it on the hook
for myself -
our cloth worn soft
with lavender water

space Ruth Holzer - USA
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  in death
her mouth is set
as in sleep
abandoning its usual
attempt at a smile

space Brian Zimmer - USA


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