A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012
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page 10    

my own place
was never a house
or a home –
it was always
the wind, the rain, the tides

spaceJoy McCall – UK
spacer brush

  on a lonely shore
our footprints lay upon a mile
the wind blows into the night
the tide rises and falls
     leaving the beach new again

spaceSimon Hanson – Australia
spacer brush

    Luckily for us
most hydrogen burns
to make water
the rivers of lovers' tears
the oceans of our sweat.

spaceJ. Zimmerman – USA
spacer brush

the whale's eye
in the old painting
behind the bar
a hidden something
in the tap man's glance

spaceGarry Eaton – Canada
spacer brush

  a fish
flips itself
out of the water
for the space of a breath
I see what it is to be you

spaceJenny Ward Angyal – USA


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