A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012
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page 9    

After all these years
in spite of our differences:
Moody Blues and Mozart
hot dogs and foie gras

spaceMarian Olson – USA
spacer brush

between rocks
I speak in birdsong
and meandering creek

spaceKath Abela Wilson – USA
spacer brush

    my only keepsake
from a house of grand pianos
tiny brass Pan
piping a reedy tune
no-one else can hear

spaceJenny Ward Angyal – USA
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craving rhythm
I revel in dinnertime
this humdrum day
the percussion of steel pans
and syncopated spoons

spaceLesley Anne Swanson – USA
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  both my sister and I
love Cantonese Opera –
in our youthful dreams
she saw a loving husband
I searched for a castle

spaceNu Quang – USA


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