A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012
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page 5   

the freezing rain
has polished the snow
to perfection
he tells me again
that I am beautiful 

space Luminita Suse – Canada
spacer brush

  my wood-burning stove
casts a Caravaggio diagonal
and I look outside,
tall bamboo trees in the wind,
spring snow on their sturdy trunks

space Sanford Goldstein – Japan
spacer brush

    countless twinkles
in the fallen snow
the sky bleak
why would I wish
upon a distant star

space Luminita Suse – Canada
spacer brush

all legs and arms
... this wraith of a girl
not much more than
the thin slice of lightning
that encircles her still

space Margaret Dornaus –  USA
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  your fear
down the lightning rod
of my spine ...
again the storm
strikes something close

spaceJenny Ward Angyal – USA 


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