A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012
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butterfly wings
folding and unfolding
one more time
I wrap myself in his words:
kimono, geisha, girl

spaceMargaret Dornaus –  USA
spacer brush

  golden wings
of a butterfly ...
it flees
after grazing
the edge of my shadow

space Janet Lynn Davis – USA
spacer brush

    garden meeting –
a butterfly
catches the speaker's eye
a mosquito circles
in my direction

space Francis Masat – USA
spacer brush

I watch from bed
as my friend weeds my garden
in the hot sun –
love is sometimes cloaked
in sweat and soil

space Joy McCall – UK
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  a red kiss                
trembles on the air            
in this winter garden
     a single
     long-stemmed rose

space miriam chaikin – USA 


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